Friday, 25 October 2013

In the Sultan's Harem

-Lana, show your ass for the camera, or else you WILL be flogged. And I mean proper flogged, as in this is a fucking Arabic Harem compound, and you have been bought as a fucking slave. Get it?

-Like... uh... this, sir?

-Good. Hold that pose and let me get a few snapshots from this direction.

-Why are you taking so many pictures, Sir?

-They are for the Sultan. His Highness has not decided which of the new girls are beautiful enough to be tested.

-Tested, Sir?

-We'll come to that later. Now arch your back a bit more.

-Why is this mural of a cat and a woman, Sir? I thought cats were an Egyptian thing, and that portraying humans was not allowed in Islam?

-What? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you want to be flogged? That was cheeky, missy.

-Sorry, Sir.

Lana gets a Lalified twin!

I've posted a couple of test-renders where I used an old Morph I did for DazStudio way back when - before I went over to Carrara. I just used whatever I had handy, in order to work on this idea of using HDRI as backgrounds.
I made two more of those tests that turned out pretty good:

Then I realized I really like this old morph. She's gorgeous!
But... I'd like her to have proper vaginal- and anal geometries and better-than-standard-V4 bending properties, as in I simply NEED her to have Lali's Bits and the other goodies by Erogenesis.
Only... I can't export this model to open in Poser, and I can't load Lali's Bits in DazStudio.
So... I loaded a second V4 with Lali's Bits, and started tweaking until she looked close enough.
Just look at that lovely vulva! 

There will no doubt be a series with these gals. At least the "new" Lana. Something tells me she has an attitude problem, though. Here's how it played out when I started giving her some direction:

Me: Basic slave posture, please.
Lana1: Yes sir. This ok sir?
Lana2: What? Slave posture? Get serious, mister!
Me: Basic slave posture, or there will be trouble.
Lana1: Do as he says, sis.
Lana2: Hey, up yours!

The Photoshoot

Lana was, frankly put, the finest piece of womanhood that Pierre had ever had the pleasure of working with. 

As Mike was preparing himself for the photoshoot, i.e. injecting his cock with some caverject for
stable 4-hour erection, Pierre had Lana pose for some great stills that would go on the video cover.

Mike had no trouble "getting it up", for obvious reasons.
-Ok Mike, take it slow. This is her first photoshoot. 
-Is too big. 
-Yes, Lana - this is porn. Smile for the camera now, and stop whimpering. 
-Ok Mike - let's do pussy now. I want some POV shots.
-Oh, man, look at that ass. She's gaping already!
-Owwww. Is too biiig. 
-Seriously Lana, what are you saying? His cock is too big for your pussy?
-Yes. Is pain. Is too big. 
-But you just took it in the ass, and that worked!
-Owwww.. please. I can't. No.
-So your pussy is tighter than your ass? 
-Yes. Pleeeease? Put it in ass. No more pussy. Is too big. 
-Well, you heard the girl Mike. Put her sideways and give her a good reaming. 
-Aw, c'mon boss - you gotta try this pussy, man - fucking driving me crazy. Never felt anything like it. 
-Yeah, take it. Take it. 
-Smile, Lana!
-I can't. Is too biiig!    (In addition to her accent, her grammar ain't no good)
-Ok, can you at least try not to look so surprised?
-Yes, if you can't smile, then try to look as if it feels good.
-But it's so biiig! 
-Fuck this job. I'm going home. Mike, you just go ahead and fuck her as hard as  you like. 
-No wait. I try smile, ok?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Reality Test 2

Got some constructive criticism and re-rendered my Reality Test with some adjustments of the HDRI-background zoom, positioning of model, materials settings, etc. Turned out nicely, I think. Getting a hang of how Reality 2.5 works, and I'm frankly impressed!

Minor differences between these pictures. Bottom one has better material settings for the thong, and was allowed to render all the way to 700 kS/pixel, whereas the top one only went to about 220 kS/p.
HDRI background has too low resolution, therefore looks jagged at this size/zoom.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Reality 2.5 for DazStudio - testing, testing

Ok, so I've recently purchased two things that I've been really eager to test: Lali's Bits for V4 by Erogenesis and Reality 2.5 for DazStudio by Paolo Ciccone.

Lali's bits are by far the best genital prop for V4, not only because it has a bunch of excellent morphs, but also because it features fixes for how her ass looks when bent-over. Right now I'm working on integrating the textures with my favourite V4 textures in a fashion that looks realistic. From there, I'll go on to rebuild my V4 characters from scratch to work with DazStudio.

Why leave Carrara, you might ask? Well, because I've tried Reality 2.5 and rendering with LuxRender. It has some bloody BRILLIANT features that are lacking in Carrara's rendering engine, but mostly the ability to adjust lighting on-the-fly and getting an instant preview is what interests me. So much so that I am willing to abandon some of Carrara's many excellent features, like the built-in modeller.

Anyway. Here's a test render I cranked out. V4 with Lana Elite textures. Lit by only HDRI-IBL with a light-probe that comes with Reality 2.5, and a simple mesh-light for some nice highlights in her eyes. Gorgeous, isn't she. But perhaps I made her eyes a bit too large. Mosly, I do that so nobody will mistake her for a real person.

As usual, please let me know what you think, ok?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Up to my old tricks?

Well, what do you know...
I fired up my old Carrara today, for the first time in years. Cranked out a render just to see if I still have what it takes, and I actually think I got the lighting just about where it should be.

This is my old Utopia morph, but I reduced her mammaries slightly. Some think she's too skinny, I say she's fit.

I'd really like to try Lali's Bits by Erogenesis on Utopia. Maybe I should go ahead and pay the $20 and get it over with. Painful, but much like removing an adhesive bandage, but quick and no real lasting pain.
Let me know what you think, ok?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Victoria 4.2 Elite

All right - I did some work with the new Elite skin shaders from DAZ3D. Since the olympic games were at their peak, I had an inspiration and posed these Vicky-models on a podium. The morphs are all my own:
From the left, they are Emma, Utopia and Liz.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Utopia in Chains - continued

Stepping up the intensity, out photographer orders Eden to stick the metal rod inside Utopia's cunt.

After a while, the photographer orders Eden to stand up and put the rod inside her own ass...

Friday, 4 January 2008

Utopia in Chains - continued

Utopia is securely fastened to the wall, and is starting to feel really sorry for herself. Cue Eden. What is that in her hand? Is it some sort of metal probe? Where is she going to put it?

Please leave a comment!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Utopia in Chains II - two versions

I decided to try out something new for once: Actually postworking an image in Photoshop! I wanted to have my cake and eat it, so I rendered this picture with regular HDRI lighting, in order to get the best colours and reflections. Then, after slightly touching up the image with some blurring at critical spots, I overlaid it with a soft lighting filter and a transparency gradient, and it turned out like this.

I'm not sure what I think of it yet! Some input, please? Which version do you think is more appealing to the eye?

Utopia in Chains I

I finished the setup with all the necessary chains and stuff.

"Utopia is now securely fastened to the rough brick wall. She's not at all pleased with being spread open like this in front of the camera, as you can see! There's nothing she can do about it, though, except maybe pout...

She's quite accessible, standing posed like this. Who will take advantage of the situation?"

Utopia in Chains - a Work In Progress render

I want to give you a preview of my current Work-In-Progress - a quick low-quality render that I made just to see if I was setting things up correctly. This is my Utopia-girl in some bondage gear. I've added some chains, tweaked her breast-morphs a bit, given her a better facial expression, and improved the lighting for my next render. Hopefully, I'll get there eventually.

I'm thinking of adding another girl, and perhaps a Michael 3 character, to show you some BDSM action later on. But first a couple of simpler pictures to set the mood.

Would this be even better with some moody lighting, I wonder? I'm using HDRI lighting here to give the brick wall realistic colours. It looks incredibly dull with just spot lights!

I had to blur Utopia's skin in different areas in this one. Low-quality render settings made her skin appear spattered in mud ;)

Please, let me know what you think so far!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Photorealism - Utopia and her sister Eden

I give you a couple of more pictures of Utopia. In one of them, she is posing with her sister "Eden". These were actually rendered at 2800 pixels in width, but those files were too large to post here (and took 12 and 6 hours respectively to render!). I give them do you in a resolution more fit for computer screens.


Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Photorealism - Utopia II

Another study of my Utopia morph. I love the way her skin turned out in this picture!


I've tried to work even more on my lighting skills. These pictures are from a vicky-morph I call "Utopia" - an incredibly beautiful girl with slightly surreal eyes (too big for an adult woman, giving the girl an elflike appearance). They are lit with only an HDR image for lighting, and with Global Illumination and skylight turned on.

I think that they both border on photorealism. I'm getting there, I hope. No postwork except for some soft blurring of edges where the AntiAliasing didn't work as it should.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Artwork - Shader Studies

These are some pictures I rendered while learning more about HDRI lighting, shaders and indirect lighting. I think some of them are just incredibly beautiful and "artsy", not to mention erotic and realistic. When you have no models in the scene pretenting to be actually human, the eye is easier to please.

Somatypes Project

I've finally had the leisure to sit down and do some shader studies and learn a bit more about indirect lighting and HDRI-based rendering. I also did a new set of morphs for Victoria 4.1 that I think turned out beautiful. I call them my "somatypes project" - which translates as my "body composition" project.

I've tried to represent some of my favourite body types - variations on the Emma morph for V4.1:

1) medium tall, slim, and with A-cup tits - a morph based on my ideal woman... - I call her "Rebecka"

2) Very tall, with great muscle tone and big tits: loosely based on Porno Actress "Rebecca Linares" and that athlete "Stacy Draguila" or whatever she is called - but with dark skin... - I call her "Afrodite"

Here is a study of these two girls, together with a pair of nice statues.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Down the Dungeon Girls #2

Managed to crank out another render of this two-girl picture. This time - the results were a bit better.

Write a comment, you lazy dogs ;)

Monday, 1 October 2007

Down-the-Dungeon Girls

This ppicture took in excess of 14 hours to render to completion - and unfortunately, it turned out so bright that it couldn't be saved in photoshop. But I like it anyway! 

I've turned down the light intensity a bit, and am rendering again! We'll see in a day or two how it turns out.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Candle Holder 2

I decidet to shoot for even more realism with my Candle Holder picture, and changed the colour of the light to something more resembling what you get from a candle. I also cranked the render settings even higher, and added a groundplane of black granite in order to give a little indirect light to the contour of this Vicky's body.

While there is more ambiance of stark terror in the first Candle Holder picture, I like this one even better. Let me know what you think!